Uzui Tengen is a Demon Hunter and the Sound Pillar of the Demon Killing Corps.[1]





Natagumo Mountain ArcEdit

Tengen was present with his fellow Pillars when Kamado Tanjirou awoke.[2]

Functional Recovery Training ArcEdit

Kochou Shinobu noted that Tanjirou was on trial, but Tengen simply stated that he would cut Kamado Nezuko's head off "flamboyantly", agreeing with and repeating this latter word when Himejima Gyoumei suggests they kill her. When Tanjirou reiterated his belief that Nezuko will not harm any humans, the Sound Pillar told him not to give them lip service, but rather a more complete explanation. He then remained silent when Kanroji Mitsuri asked if they should be dealing with their subordinate's trial without Oyakata-sama's input. After Tanjirou headbutted Shinazugawa Sanemi, Tengen looked at Mitsuri when she laughed with a neutral expression.[3]

Demon Train ArcEdit

Red Light District ArcEdit

Abilities and PowersEdit




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