The Twelve Demon Moons are a group of twelve powerful Demons under Kibutsuji Muzan's command.[1]


The Twelve Demon Moons are divided into two groups, the Upper Moons and the Lower Moons. Each has their number engraved into their eye, with the Lower members having it in only one, whereas Upper members have it in both. This number signifies how strong the member is, with Upper Moon One being the strongest and Lower Moon Six being the weakest overall.[2]

The members of the Upper Moon have not changed for over a hundred years, but in the same time the members of the Lower Moon have been killed and replaced many times.[3] This truth is the reason why Kibutsuji Muzan decided to dismantle the Lower Moons.[4]

While exact relationships between the two groups is unclear, it is said that the Lower Moons are despised by the Upper Moons.[2]


  • Kokushibou (Upper Moon One)
  • Douma (Upper Moon Two)
  • Akaza (Upper Moon Three)
  • Hantengu (Upper Moon Four)
  • Gyokko (Upper Moon Five)
  • Daki and Gyuutarou (Upper Moon Six, deceased)
  • Enmu (Lower Moon One, deceased)
  • Lower Moon Two (Deceased)
  • Lower Moon Three (Deceased)
  • Lower Moon Four (Deceased)
  • Rui (Lower Moon Five, deceased)
  • Lower Moon Six (Deceased)
  • Kyogai (Formerly Lower Moon Six, deceased)


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