Iguro Obanai is a Demon Hunter and the Snake Pillar of the Demon Killing Corps.[1]





Functional Recovery Training ArcEdit

Obanai notes

Obanai notes Tanjirou's strike on Sanemi

As the other Pillars discuss what to do with Nezuko, Obanai, lounging in a nearby tree, inquires how they are going to deal with Giyuu's breaking of Demon Hunter conduct.[2] When Kamado Tanjirou declares that even though his sister was turned into a Demon, she will never hurt or eat a human, the Snake Pillar tells him to not make such reckless remarks. He further states that the girl protecting her family is an obvious fact, and as such he cannot trust anything the young Demon Hunter says.[3] Soon afterwards, he notes with interest that even though Giyuu had interjected on the side about Tanjirou and Sanemi's brief scuffle, the former had still managed to land a blow on the latter.[4]

Obanai bows

Obanai bows to his leader

Obanai's leader then arrived. In response, the Snake Pillar descended the tree and bowed in respect to his superior.[5] He then reiterated his distrust for Tanjirou and Nezuko when his leader asked for all of them to accept the two, stating that they all hate Demons. He subsequently listened as Kagaya's attendant read Urokodaki Sakonji's letter concerning Tanjirou and Nezuko, and how Sakonji, Tanjirou, and Giyuu would all slit their stomachs should Nezuko ever attack a human.[6] When Kagaya revealed that Tanjirou had come into contact with Kibutsuji Muzan, a mess of questions and arguments broke out, but Obanai and the other Pillars are silenced by a simple gesture from their leader.[7]

Obanai pins Tanjirou

Obanai pins Tanjirou as he tries to help his sister

After Sanemi purposely injured himself, Obanai reminded his fellow Pillar that he would have to get out of the sunlight in order to lure Nezuko out of her box. He then swiftly pinned Tanjirou to the ground when the young Demon Hunter attempted to help his sister.[8] He maintained his hold on the youth, despite protests from one of his fellow Pillars, stating that he would be the one being pushed if he allowed Tanjirou to move. The young Demon Hunter continued to struggle heavily, but before Obanai could do anything further to him, his fellow Pillar Giyuu grabbed his hand, allowing Tanjirou to escape from his grasp.[9]

Obanai angrily removed his hand from Giyuu's grip, demanding to know what he is planning.[10] The Snake Pillar was then chastised by Kagaya for his treatment of Tanjirou, causing him to reluctantly agree to refrain from such methods in the future.[11]

Demon Train ArcEdit

Abilities and PowersEdit




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