Gyuutarou is a Demon that emerged from Upper Moon Six Daki's body.[1]




Gyuutarou's human memories are hazy and incomplete, save for his name.[2]


Red Light District ArcEdit

Gyuutarou emerges

Gyuutarou emerges from his sister's body

After a tantrum-throwing Daki called out for him, Gyuutarou emerged from her body, quickly taking her to another part of the room. He reattached her severed head, comforting her while doing so. Uzui Tengen attacked the pair, but Gyuutarou quickly countered it, injuring the Pillar. He then complimented the Demon Hunter on stopping his attack.[3]

Demon Siblings united front

Gyuutarou reveals he and his sister are one

The mysterious Demon further complimented Tengen's face, skin, flesh, and height, as well as his presumed popularity with women. Feeling envious of the Pillar, Gyuutarou threatened him with a painful death. Hearing Daki's complaints about Kamado Nezuko's involvement, he promises to exact vengeance upon all those who hurt her. Throwing his sickle-like weapons with great force, which return to him shortly afterwards, Gyuutarou is unable to injure Tengen or the bystanders he is protecting. He restates his envy of the Pillar, which only increases when the Demon Hunter reveals he has three wives. The mysterious Demon unleashed his Blood Demon technique, Splatter Sickle, a barrage of blood blades. His attack accomplished nothing, as Tengen escaped through a hole he made in the floor, which surprised the emaciated Demon. Gyuutarou commanded his attack to turn, revealing its auto-tracking nature. Tengen deflected the attack again, throwing and then detonating several small bombs in Gyuutarou's vicinity. Wrapped in his sister's sash, Gyuutarou withstood the blast, smugly stating they are one.[4]

Abilities and PowersEdit




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